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Which piano is right for my family?


There is no right or wrong to this question. The right piano for you is based on your family's needs. every family is different.


Let us help you. By taking our highly successful quiz, we can point you in the right direction.


We have also compiled very helpful articles from our 45 years of experience to share with you




Music lessons are not only

good for the soul, they are

good for the brain.


You can find thousands of

articles online about music

and how it helps with your

school work.


Naperville music has been

offering music lessons at our

store since we opened 45

years ago. We teach every-

thing we sell and have many

different types of lessons and

lesson options.


As the largest teaching

program in the area, we teach

one on one virtual lessons

through Zoom. We also offer

private music lessons at our

store and we offer group

lessons for students starting

at age 4.


You will find a lot of

information on our lesson

programs in our library.



You Can Give Your Child Smiles, Accomplishment,

Self-Confidence, and New and

Long-Lasting Friendships

Now You Can Join with 

Thousands of Parent who have

found this area's Cost-Effective

Solution to being in the School

Music Program.

What about the brand of 

instrument, accessories, and

books? What about repairs and

loaners. Is there a contract, 

does my rent apply to the 

purchase of the instrument?

All of these and many more

questions are spelled out in

our library of articles or by

simply calling us.

What separates us from

everyone else is our dedication

to you, our customer. From start

to finish we make sure that all of

your questions are answered

and you are completely




Whether it is your first guitar or

you seventh guitar, there are

things you need to know.

Are you buying for playability

or for tone? Most likely both.

how do you know the


We take our time with every

customer to make sure they

know what they want and why.

Solid top vs laminated top, what

kind of wood, neck through the

body or bolt-on, what is the


These are only a few of the

many questions you will have

and we can answer.

Our library will give you a lot of

insight and understanding of

the guitar, but you can always

just pick up the phone and ask

us. Not feeling chatty, how

about email? Our email address

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